Frequently Asked Questions

Your clothes say a lot about you - best to keep them happy with these "good to know" tips.

Can I use Forever New® in the washing machine?

Forever New®is designed for HE and standard washing machines, as well as handwashing. For more than just lingerie, Forever New is perfect for the clothes you care about most such as:
  •  Shapewear
  •  Sleepwear and lounge apparel
  •  Hosiery and tights
  •  Swim, yoga and activewear
  •  Cashmere, angora, mohair and wool sweaters, wraps and scarves
  •  Linens
  •  Embellished and harder to care for items.

How do I get the best results when using Forever New® in the washing machine?

Forever New®low-sudsing formulation is perfect for either High Efficiency (front loader) or standard (top loader) washing machines.
  • Use the gentle delicate cycle or regular cycle depending on what you are laundering, choose cool temperature setting, and add appropriate amount of Forever New.
  • Pre-treat stains by using a cotton swab to gently spot clean with Forever New® liquid or a paste of Forever New® powder and water.
  • To help protect against snags and stretching, and to help reduce pilling, turn item inside out and place in Forever New® gentle wash bag and wash.
  • Remove promptly and lay flat or hang to dry. - As a general rule, avoid hot water, fabric conditioner, and bleach; never dry in sunlight.
  • Always follow garment care labels and test for colourfastness.

How do I get the best results when handwashing with Forever New®?

  • Dissolve 1-2 teaspoons of Forever New® in cool water.
  • Gently agitate water with hands to create suds.
  • Immerse item and soak for up to 5 minutes.
  • As fibres are more delicate when wet, gently squeeze suds through the item.
  • Rinse with fresh water until water runs clear.
  • To preserve shape, gently press water out of item and roll or press between two absorbent towels to remove moisture. Never rub, twist, or wring.
  • Lay flat on a drying rack or towel to dry. To speed up the flat-drying process, use a screen that is designed to fit over the bathtub. Turn the garment over from time to time while it is drying.li>
  • Always follow garment care labels and test for colourfastness.

What water temperature should I use?

Washing in room temperature water and rinsing with cold water is best for fine washables. This helps maintain colour, avoid shrinkage and conserve energy. Also, avoid over-washing clothes; fine washables do not need a long wash like everyday laundry.

Why should I rinse?

While there are detergents that claim to be "no rinse" for convenience, we always recommend rinsing, in particular those garments that are worn next to the skin. We wouldn't leave shampoo in our hair, so why leave laundry detergent in our clothes?

How can I store and prevent moth attacks?

Perfume, body oils and food stains are potential moth magnets.
  • Always treat stains and wash clothes before putting into storage.
  • Store items in clean cloth garment bags that are made of breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen. Add cedar blocks or dried lavender to help deter moths.
  • For foldable items, tightly sealed, clean plastic storage containers work well and can often slide under your bed for easy access. Wrap delicate garments with acid free tissue. Avoid storing in plastic bags.
  • Store garment boxes and containers in a dry, cool and dark area. Avoid humid and damp areas such as an attic or basement.
  • Whether you are storing your garments for a season or for a few days, always put the item away completely clean and dry. Any dampness will encourage growth of mildew or mould.

Where can I buy Forever New®?

Forever New is sold in most fine lingerie and department stores such as The Bay. Want to find a store close to you? Click on Customer Care and we will direct you. Forever New® is sold online, click "purchase."