Bra Bather

Bra Bather

Standard - Large
04020 - 04030

Be Kind to the Bras you Love. 

No more underwire pop out, creased cups, snags or pulls.. 

Fashion Care® 's Bra Bather® protects and extends the life of your bra in the wash!

The round mesh bag with a built-in frame and extra cushion, will keep your bras in tip-top shape.

  • The mesh design allows for maximum water flow and thorough cleaning
  • Prevents bra hooks from snagging other clothes
  • Self-locking zipper won’t open during the wash cycle

Machine wash bras with confidence using Fashion Care® laundry powder or liquid with a wash bag.

Large is ideal for bra cups up to D

X-Large is ideal for bra cups sized D+

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