Swirl® Lingerie Wash 280ML (40 Washes)

Swirl® Lingerie Wash 280ML (40 Washes)

280ml (40 washes)

Love Your Lingerie

Why Swirl®?

Designed to protect your lingerie, Swirl® softens fibers and preserves elasticity prolonging the life, fit and shape of lingerie. 

The gentle scent leaves your lingerie smelling fresh, not fragranced.


  • Preserves elasticity to maintain shape and fit
  • Natural silk extracts conditions fibres
  • Reduces static cling with natural softeners

How does Swirl® work? The pH balanced formula prevents colours from fading, keeps whites bright, and rinses clean leaving no residue. Added natural silk extracts leaves lingerie feeling soft against your skin.

Washing your lingerie with Swirl®The 280 ml bottle is good for 40 hand washes or 10 machine washes.

Hand Wash: Simply place your lingerie in a bucket or sink with 2-3 liters of fresh water, add 1-2 capfuls of Swirl® and gently squeeze through allowing to soak for 5-10 minutes. Rinse well and hang to dry.

Extra help? Be sure to use our Mesh Wash Bag or Bra Bather®, if you machine wash your lingerie.

Eco-Friendly Ingredients Swirl® contains plant derived biodegradable ingredients and is formulated without phosphates, phthalates and parabens or tested on animals.

Ingredients: Aqua, non-ionic surfactant (naturally derived), lactic acid (from fermented starch), cationic natural derived deodorizer, fragrance (blend of essential oils)

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